Give your plants the best start with quality garden supplies from our Bundoora store

If you treat your garden correctly from the start, your plants will thrive, and your garden will look fantastic. Choosing the correct soil or compost can make all the difference.
For your garden beds and veggie gardens, you want premium soils and compost with a good layer of mulch. At Mercuri Garden & Building Supplies, we have a great range of garden supplies all carefully chosen to give your plants the best environment possible.
We stock a variety of toppings, crushed rock, and scoria for paths and hardscaping. We also have paving and brick sand to help you get the solid parts of your garden looking their best.
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mercuri garden and building supplies pebbles in the garden

All the garden supplies 
you could need

Our range of garden supplies includes:
• Red mulch
• Red wood chips
• Black mulch
• Soft fall mulch
• 10mm pine bark
• 20mm pine bark
• 14mm scoria
• 20mm scoria
• Crushed rock
• 20mm washed pebbles
• 30-50mm sunset pebbles
• 50-100mm sunset pebbles
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• Lilycan toppings
• Tuscan toppings
• 20mm Tuscan aggregate
• Mushroom compost
• Top soil
• Washed sand
• White washed sand
• Granitic sand
• 14mm Torquay pebble
• 30-50mm Torquay pebble
Our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to help you choose the correct garden supplies for your needs. Give us a call today for more information about the items we have in stock.

Save water - mulch today!

mercuri garden and building supplies red mulch in the garden
Did you know that around 20% of all household water is used in the garden watering plants to keep them alive in our dry climate? You can do your bit to reduce this water usage and help your plants by mulching.
Mulching has so many advantages. It helps to conserve water by creating a protective barrier to reduce evaporation from the soil surface and keeps the soil cooler in summer and warmer in winter, improving plant root growth. It will keep the weeds down too. To find out more about our range of mulching products or for advice or a free quote, get in touch with our experienced team today.
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For a free quote or more information about the best types of mulch for your plants, call us today on 03 9467 3546 and speak to our friendly team.

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